Brothers Matt and Brad Gruber are no strangers to carpentry. Growing up with a father who owned a small residential construction company, these brothers were constantly surrounded by small projects, woodworking, and all the in and outs of small business ownership. 

As time progressed, one brother would end up continuing to work for the small family business. The other brother however, forged his own path in an industry completely unrelated to construction and much more centered in the culinary and art world. Coffee would later become a significant part of our families story.

With a background in coffee and construction, combined with an inherent thirst for entrepreneurialism, these two brothers started their path on what would eventually become Session Coffee. 


Utilizing their individual industry relationships, Session Coffee was created. In the truest form of teamwork and community, two unrelated industries came together to create something unique and useful.

Perhaps the name Session Coffee is best described through its very creation. The idea of associating people from all different corners and bringing them together to create something together.

This is the mission we strive toward together: bettering our planet, our community, and ourselves selves through coffee.