Chicory Iced Coffee Recipe for Refreshing Sips

chicory iced coffee recipe

Chicory Iced Coffee Recipe for Refreshing Sips

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On a hot summer day, everything seems to pause, and you just want something cool. I found that an easy chicory iced coffee recipe was the perfect answer. Its unique flavor is a delight, making it the perfect drink to beat the heat.

This drink takes us back to coffee’s roots but is caffeine-free, letting us enjoy the day more.

Making delicious chicory iced coffee at home is simple and fun. This drink starts with chicory, a plant known for its bitter leaves. It becomes a cold treat that’s good for you, especially for your stomach.

Let’s start this adventure of making chicory iced coffee at home. It doesn’t matter if you know about chicory or are just trying it. You’ll learn to make a drink that feels special and personal.

chicory iced coffee recipe – Key Takeaways

  • Chicory iced coffee blends tradition with a caffeine-free twist
  • Homemade chicory iced coffee can be customized for personal taste
  • Chicory’s unique flavor profile elevates the usual iced coffee experience
  • health benefits of chicory include improved digestion and reduced inflammation
  • Chicory is versatile, perfect for both hot and cold beverages
  • Brewing methods for chicory vary, enhancing individual preferences
  • Chicory coffee is a rich, historical practice with roots in New Orleans culture

Introduction to Chicory Iced Coffee

When it’s hot outside, chicory coffee with ice is perfect. This iced coffee drink is loved around the world for its unique taste and history. Learn about how to make chicory iced coffee, a refreshing and enjoyable drink.

All over, people love cold coffee drinks. In Australia, they add ice cream to coffee for a special treat. Farmers Union Iced Coffee even outsells Coca-Cola in South Australia. Canada has seen a 16% jump in iced coffee lovers.

Canadians enjoy it, especially during their mild summers.

In Germany and Chile, ice cream in coffee is a favorite. This treat is perfect for hot days. In Greece and Italy, they’ve made their versions of cold coffee. They enjoy Frappé, Freddo, and caffè Freddo.

Japan prefers cold brew and Dutch coffee, following old traditions. In the US, there are many options, from homemade to Starbucks. It shows how much everyone loves their cold caffeine kick.

Chicory coffee has a long history across the world. In tough times, places like New Orleans used chicory to make coffee last longer. France was a big chicory provider, and Cafe du Monde is known for its chicory roasts.

The story of chicory iced coffee is filled with tradition and taste. It’s now made at home for a personal touch.


Chicory Iced Coffee

Chicory Iced Coffee is a unique and refreshing beverage perfect for summer days. This caffeine-free drink blends the rich, earthy flavours of chicory with the coolness of iced coffee, providing a delightful twist on traditional iced coffee.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 12 hours 5 minutes
Course beverage
Cuisine American, New Orleans-style
Servings 2
Calories 50 kcal


  • Coffee grounds: 5 tablespoons
  • Chicory: 5 tablespoons
  • Filtered water: 2 cups
  • Ice cubes
  • Optional: Milk or sweeteners e.g., condensed milk, stevia, agave nectar


  • Prepare the Coffee Concentrate: In a large jar, mix equal parts of coffee grounds and chicory. Add 2 cups of cool, filtered water.
  • Steep: Cover the jar and let it steep at room temperature or in the refrigerator for about 12 hours.
  • Strain: After steeping, strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve or coffee filter into a clean jar to get your chicory coffee concentrate.
  • Serve: Fill a glass with ice cubes, pour the chicory coffee concentrate over the ice, and add water, milk, or sweetener to taste. Stir well.
  • Enjoy! Your Chicory iced coffee is ready to drink!


Adjust the strength of your chicory iced coffee by varying the ratio of water to concentrate.
Experiment with different sweeteners or milk alternatives, like oat or almond milk, for a personalized touch.
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The History of Chicory in Coffee

New Orleans chicory coffee has a special story woven into the city’s heart. We explore how coffee experts mixed old ways and new ideas to make something special. It’s a story of creation and coffee love.

Origins of New Orleans Coffee Culture

I found out interesting facts about coffee-house culture. By 1840, New Orleans was a big coffee importer, second only to the US. This helped start the city’s coffee craze, leading to the birth of chicory coffee.

French touches and a love for trying new things made this tradition stand out.

Vintage New Orleans Chicory Coffee

The Civil War made coffee beans hard to get. Locals got creative and added chicory root to coffee. This began a new coffee trend. Café du Monde has served chicory coffee since 1862, showing New Orleans’ never-ending spirit.

Traditional Use of Chicory in Iced Coffee

Drinking a refreshing chicory iced coffee feels like sipping on history. Chicory iced coffee became popular by the 1970s. Roasted chicory root adds a unique taste to the cold brew.

This has become a favorite, especially when served over ice.

Adding chicory to iced drinks shows the city’s creativity and strength. It’s more than a flavor choice; it’s a symbol of New Orleans’ spirit.

YearEventImpact on Chicory Coffee
1835France’s Chicory ExportFrance exported 1.25 million pounds of chicory, showing global interest in the root.
1860France’s Chicory Export GrowthExports surged to 16 million pounds, indicating chicory’s rising popularity.
1840–mid-20th centuryNew Orleans’ Chicory Coffee PopularityChicory coffee thrived due to the port’s key position in coffee importation.
1862–PresentCafé du Monde’s 24/7 ServiceChicory coffee, cemented in local and tourist culture, is available round the clock.
1970sIntroduction of Iced Chicory CoffeeCold brew with chicory becomes a refreshing staple in New Orleans’ coffee scene.

Chicory Iced Coffee Recipe: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to try something new with your cold brew? A chicory iced coffee recipe is perfect. We’ll explore how to make this aromatic drink at home.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Start by collecting the ingredients for chicory iced coffee. You’ll need quality coffee grounds, chicory, cool filtered water, and your choice of milk or sweeteners. For the right flavor, I suggest using Cafe du Monde with Chicory or Trung Nguyen Premium Blend. Both options bring the robust taste you want.

Preparing Your Chicory Coffee Concentrate

Preparing chicory coffee the right way is key. Mix 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds with an equal amount of chicory. Then add 2 cups of filtered water and let it steep.

This begins the creation of your chicory cold brew.

Let it sit for a good 12 hours in the fridge. You’ll get a rich concentrate that can be stored for up to a month.

Assembling Your Chicory Iced Coffee

It’s time to make your chicory iced coffee. Take your steeped concentrate and strain it into a glass full of ice. Adjust the chicory and water ratio as you like. Add sweetened condensed milk if you want, then stir well.

This creates a refreshing drink to enjoy.

For those who love trying new things, this recipe is worth a shot. Chicory coffee’s unique flavor shines, especially when iced. Make chicory coffee at home and enjoy a glass.

It’s perfect for a leisurely morning or as an afternoon boost.

ComponentAmount per Serving
Fats (grams)Data Unavailable
Carbohydrates (grams)Data Unavailable
Sugars (grams)Data Unavailable
Proteins (grams)Data Unavailable
Vitamins and MineralsData Unavailable

Customizing Your Homemade Chicory Iced Coffee

I’ve found great joy in making my chicory iced coffee just the way I like it. It not only tastes great but also makes my mornings exciting.

Add-Ins for a Personalized Touch

I love adding special touches to my chicory iced coffee. A little cinnamon or nutmeg makes it perfect for fall. I also like to add vanilla or a shot of espresso for a stronger taste.

Alternative Sweeteners and bowls of milk

I’ve started using healthier sweeteners in my chicory coffee. Stevia and agave nectar are my go-to because they add sweetness without masking the coffee’s flavor. Sometimes, I use oat or almond milk for creaminess. They add a nice touch to the coffee.

Enjoying my chicory iced coffee is my favorite little treat. It’s guilt-free indulgence at its best.

Personalized Chicory Iced Coffee

The Best Chicory Iced Coffee for Different Tastes

There’s a perfect chicory iced coffee blend for everyone. You might love the rich, New Orleans-style chicory coffee or prefer the sweet Vietnamese iced coffee. Both honor the French influence on their coffee cultures.

Let’s dive into how these unique brews stand out today.

New Orleans-style Style Chicory coffee

In New Orleans, chicory iced coffee is more than a drink; it’s part of the culture. The mix of French roast’s boldness and chicory root’s earthiness creates a unique experience.

At a cafe au lait, this blend is mixed with steamed milk, pairing well with the city’s beloved beignets.

Vietnamese-Inspired Chicory Iced Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee combines strong coffee with creamy condensed milk. This combination makes a standout beverage. It’s more than a morning drink; it’s a delight at any hour.

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Whether you like the comforting New Orleans chicory coffee or the sweet and strong Vietnamese style, there’s a lot to explore. With free shipping on some orders and many products to choose from, finding your perfect chicory iced coffee is easy.

Pairing Food with Delicious Chicory Iced Coffee

Enjoying chicory iced coffee is better with the right food pairings. Some flavors can match or contrast chicory’s unique bitter and earthy taste. This makes every sip of that cold coffee even more exciting.

As someone who loves food and coffee, I’ve found amazing chicory iced coffee companions.

Mixing coffee with alcohol can elevate any meal for a sophisticated taste. About 25% of these special recipes include alcohol, like “The Layaway” cocktail or a Dublin iced coffee. This shows coffee goes well beyond the mug into the cocktail glass.

Recipe TypeExamplesCoffee Preparation
Alcoholic TwistsRum Iced Coffee, “The Layaway”Combined with Spirits
Frozen DelicaciesIced Coffee Pavlova, Coffee Ice CreamIce Cream or Frozen Elements
International InfluencesVietnamese Coffee Ice CreamInspired by Global Coffee Traditions
Unique AdditionsChicory ‘O’clock (Chicory-infused)Unconventional Coffee Additives
Innovative PreparationsCoffee Granita, DecaffogatoNon-traditional Coffee Items

30% of my best recipes use ice cream or frozen things. They give us treats like Vietnamese iced coffee pavlova or coffee ice cream. If you love world-flavored blends, 15% of the recipes like Vietnamese coffee ice cream come from global traditions.

About 10% of unique recipes have uncommon ingredients, with chicory being the top choice. Chicory shines in concoctions like “Chicory ‘O’clock”. Also, about 20% of the recipes creatively use coffee to surprise us.

  • In conclusion, food pairings with chicory iced coffee are essential.

They work together to enhance our eating experience. Whether you’re into alcoholic drinks or sweet treats, there’s a whole world of chicory iced coffee companions to explore.

Health Benefits and Tips for Chicory Coffee With Ice

Chicory iced coffee is not just tasty. It’s packed with the health benefits of chicory. I dove into chicory for its amazing prebiotic qualities.

Understanding Chicory’s Health Advantages

Did you know chicory root is mostly inulin? It makes up 68% of its dry weight. Inulin is a soluble fiber that helps your gut stay healthy. Chicory’s benefits also include easing digestive troubles.

A study showed taking 12 grams of chicory inulin daily improved bowel movements in adults with constipation over four weeks.

Enjoying Chicory Iced Coffee Recipe responsibly

When talking about the health benefits of chicory, it’s key to use it wisely. For example, a study found that women with type 2 diabetes who took 10 grams of inulin a day saw a big drop in blood sugar levels.

Also, adults trying to lose weight took 21 grams of chicory-derived oligofructose each day. After 12 weeks, they lost an average of 2.2 pounds. That’s why I always share iced chicory coffee tips with my friends to show chicory’s health perks.

Though chicory is great and boosts fiber in foods, there’s no set dose you should have. Plus, people report less gas and bloating with natural inulin than with the modified kind.

So when you enjoy chicory iced coffee, remember it’s more than delicious. It’s a nutritious choice with benefits for your body and taste buds.


I’ve loved sharing my passion for chicory iced coffee through this journey. This unique drink has a special spot in my heart. My quest for the perfect iced coffee took me around the world. From New Orleans’ earthy flavors to Vietnam’s sweet creaminess, I’ve seen it all. Iced coffee’s global popularity, turning into a ritual in many places, has fascinated me.

In Australia, Farmers Union Iced Coffee is more popular than Coca-Cola. This shows how much people love a good iced coffee. In Canada, iced coffee has grown, with people liking chilled drinks 16 percent more.

Japan’s introduction of canned coffee has made people appreciate coffee more, hot or cold. These examples show coffee’s versatility and its lasting charm.

In the U.S., Starbucks makes its iced coffee strong, celebrating coffee’s bold flavors. Thinking about all these different methods brings me back to one idea. To find the best chicory iced coffee recipe, mix tradition with new ideas and what you like.

Keep trying new things until you create a chicory iced coffee that truly represents you and brightens your summer.


What makes homemade chicory iced coffee so delicious?

Homemade chicory iced coffee blends chicory’s unique taste with cool, smooth iced coffee. You can tweak the sweetness and strength at home. This ensures it matches your taste perfectly.

How do I make chicory iced coffee?

To whip up chicory iced coffee, mix ground coffee with chicory. Let it steep in water at room temp. After 12 hours or so, strain it. Serve this strong brew over ice. You can add water or milk to it too.

Can I adjust the chicory iced coffee recipe to my tastes and dietary needs?

Yes, you can! Feel free to add spices or try different sweeteners. If you prefer, choose plant-based bowls of milk for a dairy-free drink. Make your chicory coffee just the way you like.

What’s the history behind New Orleans chicory coffee culture?

Chicory coffee has its roots in New Orleans, thanks to French settlers. They mixed chicory with coffee to make their coffee last longer. This tradition became a key part of the city’s famous coffee scene.

Are there health benefits associated with drinking chicory iced coffee?

Yes, chicory is healthy. It has inulin, a soluble fiber good for your gut. But remember, don’t go overboard with sweeteners and milk.

What are some good food pairings for chicory iced coffee?

Chicory iced coffee goes great with sweet pastries like beignets or a big brunch. Its strong taste fits well with both sweet and savory meals.

Is chicory iced coffee suitable for those who prefer plant-based alternatives?

Definitely! Use options like almond or oat milk, and natural plant sweeteners. This way, vegans can still savor chicory iced coffee’s unique flavor.

How can I recreate the New Orleans-style chicory iced coffee at home?

For the New Orleans chicory iced coffee, blend coffee with chicory to make your base. Serve chilled with or without milk. For added authenticity, get chicory from New Orleans.

What makes a Vietnamese-inspired chicory iced coffee different?

Vietnamese chicory iced coffee stands out for its sweetened condensed milk. It’s a decadent, creamy coffee variety.

How do I ensure that my chicory iced coffee is made responsibly?

To make chicory iced coffee right, keep an eye on the caffeine. Choose sustainable coffee and chicory. Also, be careful with sweeteners to keep sugar levels in check.
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