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Coffee Types & Origins

Rare Panama Coffee Varieties: Discover the Unique Flavours

Did you know Panama makes less than 0.1% of the world’s coffee? Yet, it often wins big at coffee contests worldwide. This small country stands out for its rare, top-quality coffee. Join me to explore the rare Panama coffee varieties and Panama’s unique and enchanting coffee scene. We’ll discover rare blends that not only taste […]

Brewing Mastery

Coffee Flavour Profiles: Exploring the World of Coffee Tastes

Imagine a coffee so rare that even enthusiasts rarely taste it—that’s Liberica. This bean stands out in a world where Arabica and Robusta rule. It has large, oddly shaped beans that bring something new to the table. When I explore the coffee flavour profiles, I find Liberica’s taste unique and intriguing. It has a fruity […]

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