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Mojito Lime Espresso Splash

Can a coffee drink be both an energising shot and a refreshing escape all at once? Mojito Lime Espresso Splash is making waves among unique coffee drinks. This beverage combines the zestiness of a mojito with the robust taste of a refreshing espresso beverage. It’s quickly becoming a favourite for coffee enthusiasts and cocktail lovers […]

Coffee & Varieties

Cortado vs Cappuccino: Key Differences

Imagine the smell of freshly brewed espresso filling the air and the warmth of a cosy coffee shop wrapping around you. This scene is where I truly fell in love with coffee. The first time I was handed a cortado vs. cappuccino, I marvelled at its simplicity—equal parts espresso and steamed milk, a perfect balance […]

Coffee & Varieties

Difference Between Latte and Cortado Coffee: A Detailed Look

Did you know that Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee each day? With so many choices, it’s easy to get confused about popular espresso-based drinks like lattes and cortados. Let’s break down the key differences between latte and cortado coffee. Understanding their milk-to-espresso ratio, texture, and taste can help you decide which drink […]

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