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Brewing Mastery

what is geisha Coffee? A Rare Brew

Have you ever wondered about Geisha coffee? Why do coffee lovers everywhere talk about it? This special coffee has a luxurious taste and a unique flavour that sets it apart. I’ll show you why people are willing to pay a lot of money for this special drink. This coffee is not your typical coffee. It […]

Recipe & Innovation Corner

what is dream coffee? Your Guide to Nirvana in a Cup

Imagine coffee that feels like a blissful journey to Nirvana. That’s Dream Coffee for you. It transcends ordinary brews, offering a serene experience with each sip. I’ve explored the art of coffee perfection. It’s a blend of precision, passion, and more than just beans. At dawn, I found the Hario V60, transforming coffee-making into an […]

Coffee Culture & History

Second Wave Coffee: Exploring the Charm

The sounds of espresso machines and the scent of fresh coffee make for more than just an ordinary day. They symbolise the Second Wave of Coffee, a key time in coffee’s history. This period transformed coffee into a sign of elegance and social bonding. Brands like Starbucks and Peet’s make artisanal coffee and roasting common […]

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