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Coffee Types & Origins

Shade vs. Sun Grown Coffee: Tasting the Difference

Did you know that most of the coffee we drink comes from the sun? Yet studies show shade-grown coffee has better flavour and helps the environment more. This fact kicks off a journey into the tastes of shaded and sun-grown coffee and their impact on your coffee moments. In the coffee world, the tiny details […]

Coffee & Varieties

Arabica vs. Liberica: Unveiling Coffee Mysteries

Arabica coffee is very popular, making up about 60% of all the world’s coffee. In contrast, Liberia only makes up less than 2%. This shows how different these two types of coffee beans really are. Let’s explore the mysteries of Arabica vs. Liberica coffees. We will learn about their unique flavours, where they come from, […]

Coffee Types & Origins

Kenyan Coffee Taste and My Experience

Did you know Kenya makes more than 50,000 metric tonnes of coffee a year? It’s a big player in the world’s coffee scene. This fact got me really curious. I wanted to learn all about what makes Kenyan coffee special. So, I started a journey that led me to the heart of Kenya’s coffee culture. […]

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