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Bean Selection & Roasting

Arabica vs Robusta: The Ultimate Coffee Showdown

Imagine this: nearly every coffee cup worldwide originates from two beans—Arabica vs. Robusta. These beans are crucial to the coffee industry, making up about 99% of its production. My exploration of these beans introduced me to a world of competing flavors. Arabica, known for its sweet taste, makes up 60–70% of global coffee.Robusta, on the […]

Bean Selection & Roasting

Best Coffee Beans for Your Cup!

Every day, about 64 percent of Americans enjoy their coffee ritual. As someone who loves coffee, I’m always looking for the best coffee beans. These beans not only delight the taste but also show the rich coffee cultures worldwide. From Ethiopia’s arabica bean regions to Hawaii’s volcanic slopes with their rare harvest, the perfect cup […]

Bean Selection & Roasting

Arabica vs Colombian Coffee: My Taste Test Verdict

Imagine getting warm with a fresh cup of coffee. Its rising steam makes me think of new things I might find. We talked about how arabica and colombian coffee taste different over a tasty dinner in London. I wanted to know what made arabica coffee different from Colombian coffee, so I tried both and liked […]

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